Fall/Winter 2022 Update

I am currently providing telehealth sessions. I will continue this going forward. I am now able to provide therapy to anyone in California via telehealth. If you are hoping to use insurance, please see insurance section (below) as there were some changes in 2022.

Carol Harvey MFT Therapy in Petaluma CA


I believe therapy should be practical and strength based. Identifying and building on the strengths of the individuals, couples and families I work with is essential to creating sustainable growth and change.

I view therapy as a collaboration between myself and my clients. You and I will work together to find what works for you in your life.

Not just couples and families

I see individuals, couples, families and groups. I have more than 25 years of experience working with a variety of issues including life transitions, relationship struggles, communication problems, depression, anxiety, parenting, divorce and co-parenting.


As I think about my work, I realize that I’m drawn to working with people in transition. So much of life is about transitions: from childhood to adolescence; leaving home; starting a relationship; becoming a parent; divorce; blending families; job changes; illness; retirement; loss, etc. I write that list as though it all happens in an orderly fashion, but we all know that isn’t true. Sometimes you are ready for it. Sometimes it is a complete surprise or several of these changes happen at the same time. Not everyone experiences all of these transitions. At their best, transitions can be a time of growth and excitement. However they can also be a time of fear, depression and confusion. I can help you turn your transition, whether welcome or not, into an opportunity to live a healthier and more satisfying life.

Fees and insurance

I charge $160/50 minute session for individuals and $170 for couples and families. I accept MediCal insurance through Beacon Partnership, as space allows. I am out-of-network for all other insurance which allows you to use your out-of-network benefits as well as any Health Savings Account monies you may have.

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As a therapist, I regularly meet with teens and adults. Most report insomnia to some degree. Insomnia is defined simply as habitual sleeplessness but for years, I resisted applying the term insomnia to my own [...]

Anxiety and Relationships

Anxiety affects everyone to some degree. Quite simply we live in an anxious world. Anxiety can range from occasional, mild unease in anticipation of an event to constant, overwhelming panic. It goes by many names including worry, nerves, freaking out, stressed, tense.

Carol Harvey Office Exterior


This practice is open to all people. All ethnicities. All abilities. All genders. All sexual orientations. All identities. All sizes.

Therapy Dog

I am an advocate for animal assisted therapy. I bring my dog Millie to work with me. Please read more about Millie and animal assisted therapy here.


My office is conveniently located near downtown Petaluma at 204 G Street (upstairs), Petaluma CA 94952. My mailing address is 120 Fourth Street, #934, Petaluma CA 94952.