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Resources for Separating or Divorced Families

As a divorced, divorcing, or separating parent you have to deal with painful personal issues as well as help your child navigate his or her own emotional turmoil. With your child’s best interests as a guide you will succeed in making thoughtful decisions & maintaining or creating a positive relationship with your child. It won’t [...]

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Dealing With Anger

Anger can be a friend or a foe depending on how you deal with it. Anger can impact your health and your relationships. Aggressive anger can have negative effects on the way you think and act, as can suppressed anger. Frequent outbursts can damage or end relationships with significant others, friends, family members, co-workers and [...]

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What’s Your Parenting Style?

You may not think of it this way, but there are different styles of parenting. What’s your style? What are the advantages of your approach? Are there any disadvantages? Is your parenting style complementary or compatible with your parenting partner? A parenting partner may be a spouse, a step-parent, or an ex who shares custody. [...]

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Self-Care Tips

I’m a believer in taking care of yourself so you can be your best and offer your best to others. To that end, I am including some self-care ideas. The main idea is to give yourself permission to take care of yourself. This is especially important during times of high stress. Above all else, be [...]

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