Teens and Anger

Adolescence and anger often seem to go together, especially in our youth-oriented culture. There are many reasons for this, such as hormone surges and the angst that comes with seeing the world in a new light. Anger is a normal emotion. Everyone feels angry sometimes. Anger lets you know something is out of sync in [...]

Teens and Anger2016-12-12T06:13:26+00:00

Truth vs. Kindness

Telling it “like it is” and being nice are not mutually exclusive. I see honesty and kindness as two very important values and both essential to healthy relationships. I often see people chose between the two as in “It’s the truth” (and therefore okay that the comment is hurtful) or “I didn’t want to hurt [...]

Truth vs. Kindness2015-02-17T14:18:12+00:00
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