Adolescence and anger often seem to go together, especially in our youth-oriented culture. There are many reasons for this, such as hormone surges and the angst that comes with seeing the world in a new light.

Anger is a normal emotion. Everyone feels angry sometimes. Anger lets you know something is out of sync in your world and needs to be addressed. It could be your own expectations that need adjustment or perhaps something else may need to be addressed. The intensity of teen anger can be jolting for parents and teens alike. As a teen you may feel out of control when you are angry. You may have thoughts of physically or emotionally hurting yourself or others. Counseling or therapy can help you learn to cope with your strong feelings. And I don’t mean stifle them! Check out my article on anger. I encourage you to be curious about your emotions. Anger may be just one of the strong emotions you are feeling.

As a parent it may surprise you to see how quickly your teen’s anger triggers your own. You may be taken aback by the intensity of your anger, as well as how quickly it erupts. The most important way to help your teen cope with their strong emotions is to respond calmly. Counseling or therapy can help you learn to respond to your teen in a healthy way.Time outs are one way. Anger and endless fighting are often reasons families seek counseling during the teen years. Call me, I can help.